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What is Ecology & Environment | What is biome | What is Ecotone

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what is biome
what is ecological niche

Ecology (what is  Ecology)

Scientific study of relationship of Living Organism with each other and with their environment is called as ecology.

 Ecology deals with the method in which the organism are settled by their environment.

 Environment (what is  Ecology & Environment)

 Total sum of all the Non living and living components; influencers and events, surrounding an organism is called as environment.
 The connection and  interaction between environment it and organism are are highly assorted/implex.
 it consists of both the non living abiotic and living biotic components.

 Components of Environment

 There are two types of component of environment.
1) abiotic
2) biotic

 Example of abiotic componentsSoil topography water,energy,temperature,heat flow and gravity.
 Example of biotic components green plant,man,animals,non green plants,decomposers,parasites etc.

 Level of ecology organisation

1) Individual  

it consists of individual living wing that has the ability/ quality to function freely.
 Example animals,funji,plants etc

2) Population 

it is a group of organism generally consist of same species, taking a defined area during the the specific time interval.

 important factor that make population increasing are birth and immigration whereas the population decreasing are death and emigration.

3) Community
 it consists of of specified species or animals or plant etc.
Example community of Grassland is dominated by grasses.
 community is not rigid/fixed. it may vary, it can be small or large.

Components of Ecosystem 


it consists of of Living Organism.producer and consumer are are two main components.

A) Producer/ Autotrophs 

 it's generally green plants and certain algae and bacteria in Terrestrial ecosystem these are mainly herbaceous  and woody plants. on the other hand in the aquatic ecosystem these are various species.

B) Consumers

These are an unapt in producing their own food by photosynthesis process.They are dependent on the organic food derived by animals or plants.

2) Abiotic components

it consists of energy, rainfall,temperature, latitude/longitude,materials etc.

Ecotone (what is ecotone)

 It is defined as junction between two or are more diversified ecosystem. for example Mangrove forest is an ecotone between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem.

 Characteristic of ecotone

  •  it can be wide or or narrow.
  •  it is a  zone of tension
  •  a well developed ecotone  consist of some organism which are entirely different from the adjoining community.
  •  it is linear in nature as it represent progressive increasing in Species composition.


 It is the place of organism in an ecosystem or unique operational role.
Its describe of all the the physical,biological and chemical factor that species need to survive,eat healthy-stay healthy and reproduce.
The two different species has different Niche.its play an important role in conservation of organism for the conserving of the species in its native habitat one should have knowledge about niche of the species. 

Types of Niche

  •  Habitat Niche
  •  food niche
  • reproductive Niche
  •  physical and chemical niche

Biome (what is biome)

It is defined as hulking regions of Terrestrial parts of biosphere. its inscribed by the visitation, climate and general soil type.
 No two Biomass are identical in nature. the boundaries of biome is is prescribed by the climate. the most crucial factor are are rains and temperature.

 Name of Biome, Region and its Flora and Fauna (type of biome)


 This type of biome is found in in Northern and Southern most region of the world including the poles.

 ground flora are includes lichen,Mosses and sedges.
animals are reindeer,polar bear,arctic fox ,lemming,patarmigan.


This type of biome is found in Asia,North America,Northern Europe.There is found moderate temperature than Tundra.its known as Boreal forest too.

Flora consists of evergreen mostly spruce with some pine and firs.
Fauna consists of Hawks,birds,puma,little mink,Siberian tiger,wolves etc.


This type of biome is found in tropical region.Its found in abundantly in Africa.

Flora consists of scattered trees with grasses and fury resisting thorny shrubs.
Fauna consists of zebra,buffaloes,antelopes,elephant,rhinoceros,lion,cheetah,mongoose.

4)Temprate deciduous forest 

This type of biome is found in China,Japan,Newzeland,Central and South Europe .

Flora consists of beach,maple,oak and cherry.
Fauna are familiar with invertebrates and vertebrates.

5)Tropical Rain Forest

This type of biome is found in equatorial regions.in this regions rainfall and temprature are much abundant.

Flora consists of broad leafed evergreen tree species in abundance.
Fauna consists of bats,monkeys invertebrates and frog etc.


This type of biome is found in Ukraine,North America etc .there is low rainfall in given location.

Flora consists of grasses domination vegetation.
Fauna consists of antelopes,bison,rodents,wolves,cattle,ground nesting birds etc.


This type of biome is found in continental interiors with very low rainfall with low humidity. Genrally the day is much hot and night is much cold in this region.

Flora consists of sagebrush,euphorbias and cactus.
Fauna consists of small mammals,birds and reptiles.
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